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About CleantechHUB

CleantechHUB, a cornerstone initiative of Behold International, serves as a dynamic launchpad for climate action across Latin America. Our dedicated team is fueled by a singular mission: to propel cleantech entrepreneurs and innovations that are transforming the region.

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From Humble Beginnings to Flourishing Hub:

Our journey began in 2019 with a bang - hosting the largest ClimateLaunchpad competition ever witnessed in Colombia. This ignited a spark that over three years, blossomed into CleantechHUB, a comprehensive ecosystem empowering climate entrepreneurs. We foster a collaborative environment where cleantech ideas can take root, flourish, and ultimately, create a lasting positive impact.

Fueling Innovation, Igniting Impact:

We go beyond simply identifying promising ideas. CleantechHUB offers a holistic approach that empowers entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey:

  • Incubation: We provide the tools and guidance needed to nurture nascent ideas into viable businesses.
  • Acceleration: We equip ventures with the resources and mentorship to scale their impact and reach new heights.
  • Investment Readiness: We bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, ensuring they have the tools to secure the capital needed to thrive.

Market Access: The Key to Success:

CleantechHUB understands that groundbreaking ideas need fertile ground to flourish. That's why we connect our entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed:

  • Capital: We connect ventures with potential investors, grants, and funding opportunities.
  • Markets: We help entrepreneurs navigate the market landscape and identify ideal customer segments.
  • Networks: We foster connections with industry leaders, mentors, and collaborators who can propel businesses forward.

Scaling Impact: From Ideation to Global Change:

Our commitment extends beyond incubation and acceleration. CleantechHUB empowers startups to transition from nascent ideas to large-scale impact. We equip them with the strategies and resources needed to become sustainable, scalable solutions that address pressing climate challenges.

The Power of Numbers: A Legacy of Impact:

Since 2019, CleantechHUB's story has been one of continuous growth and impact. We've nurtured a remarkable community, supporting over 600 climate innovations through our diverse program suite. This includes well-established initiatives like Climathon (an ideation hackathon for sustainable cities), ClimateLaunchpad (a global incubation program), and Climaccelerator (a program designed to help startups scale).

Building a Sustainable Future, Together:

CleantechHUB is committed to regional expansion and fostering collaboration with key partners. We are actively planning a rollout with prominent multilateral partners, solidifying our role as a leading force in driving climate entrepreneurship across Latin America.

Are You a Climate Champion?

Do you have a groundbreaking idea that has the potential to revolutionize the fight against climate change? We want to hear from you! Explore our website or connect with us on social media to learn more about how CleantechHUB can help you turn your vision into a reality.

Together, let's cultivate a more sustainable future for Latin America!

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