Unleashing Your Impact Potential

In a world where every action matters, Behold International is dedicated to empowering organizations to make a positive impact through our comprehensive suite of services focused on impact management framework, impact investing, impact measurement and management, as well as impact audit and verification.

  • Impact Management Framework & Impact Investing:

Our impact management framework provides a strategic roadmap for aligning your business goals with measurable positive impact. We also serve as a bridge between purpose-driven businesses and investors through impact investing, connecting capital with initiatives that create a more sustainable future.

  • Impact Measurement & Management (including Impact Reporting):

Quantifying your impact is crucial for driving meaningful change. We offer comprehensive impact measurement & management solutions, including impact reporting, that enable you to assess, track, and optimize your social and environmental performance. This ensures complete transparency and accountability for your stakeholders.

  • Impact Audit & Verification:

Building trust and credibility is paramount. Our rigorous impact audit and verification processes assess the authenticity and effectiveness of your impact initiatives. This instills confidence in stakeholders and drives greater accountability across the board.


B Corp Certification: Looking to formalize your commitment to social and environmental responsibility? We can guide you through the B Corp certification process, a globally recognized standard for businesses that balance purpose with profit.

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Behold: Your Impact Partner

We go beyond theory. Our team boasts extensive experience implementing impactful solutions across various sectors.

  • Case Study: Closing the Gap (Tanzania): Through our work with Close the Gap in Tanzania, we helped improve access to clean water for thousands of people in rural communities.
  • IMVO Vouchers: We've played a key role in facilitating access to IMVO vouchers, a Dutch government program that financially supports sustainable business practices within the Dutch floriculture sector.


Best Ventures: Embedding Impact & Rainbow Collection

Our commitment to impact extends beyond consulting. We're proud to house ventures like Embedding Impact, a specialist in impact measurement and B Corp certification, and Rainbow Collection, a leader in sustainable sourcing and B Corp support.

Why Choose Behold for Your Impact Initiatives?

Expertise in Impact Solutions:

With a team of impact experts and sustainability professionals, we offer innovative solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of driving positive change.

Comprehensive Approach:

Our holistic approach covers every aspect of impact management, from strategy development to implementation and verification, ensuring organizations are equipped to maximize their impact potential.

Proven Results:

Over the years, we have helped numerous organizations achieve significant social and environmental outcomes, making a tangible difference in communities around the world.

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Join the Impact Movement: Partner with Behold

Ready to make a difference? Partner with Behold International and join the impact movement. Together, we can create a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

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