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About Rainbow Collection

“The positive impact creators”

Jop Blom & Dieuwertje Damen founded Rainbow Collection during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Together they developed a successful meaningful fair trade orange bracelet campaign in which they inspired millions of Dutch soccer fans, sold over 150.000 bracelets that were produced by over 350 female crafters in KwaZulu Natal.

This was followed by an international fair trade “Shake the World” fair trade bracelet campaign to raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals in which millions of people were inspired, 350.000 bracelets were sold and hundreds of jobs created for the female crafters. After these campaigns many meaningful “guerrilla” marketing campaigns followed. This resulted in setting up a creative impact agency to integrate sustainability and branding to assist organisations to create a sustainable future for their brand, business and the world around them.

At Rainbow Collection we think impact first. We develop sustainability strategies and grow meaningful brands that make business and the world thrive. We support businesses to use their resources, skills and expertise to address the world’s challenges – and doing so profitably. That’s how we invest in the new economy and make impact happen.

The team of positive impact creators work from the offices in Amsterdam to support our Dutch and International clients worldwide.

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