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About Generousminds

Generous Minds is a collective of purpose driven consultants and like-minded investors and entrepreneurs with a joint ambition: to solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way by accelerating and magnifying the success of so-called Good Businesses. These are Businesses whose products, services and organisational structure directly contribute to the new economy and better world.

Founded in 2009, Generous Minds supported over 175 purpose driven companies to accelerate their growth and impact. GM has over €175,000,000 active in funding with an 80% success rate and network of 175+ Impact Financiers. The collective consists of ± 35 senior experts in a broad variety of  relevant Industries, skills sets, sector knowledge and networks. B-Corp certified since 2015 as one of the first organisations in NL with 122 points and thus in the top 5 in the world.

As Behold we joined the initiative Generous Minds as a Covestors, are all co-owners of our co-operative, who combine the power of ‘Money & Minds’ for a better world. We support these companies in their initial phase to strengthen their business plans and make them investment ready.

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