About This Project

Behold International is proud to have partnered again with Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) on the promising Harvest III project in Cambodia. This ambitious initiative, funded by USAID, aims to transform Cambodia’s agricultural sector and create a more sustainable, prosperous future for its farmers and communities.

Here’s how Behold International is contributing our expertise:

Connecting Cambodian rice exporters with global buyers: We’ll be opening doors to new markets and helping Cambodian rice shine on the international stage.

Empowering exporters with knowledge and tools: We’re providing training and support to help Cambodian businesses thrive in the global marketplace.

Crafting compelling stories: We’ll be sharing the inspiring stories of the people and businesses behind Cambodian rice, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and quality.

At Behold International, we believe in tailoring solutions for maximum impact. We’re honored to join forces with SRP to help Cambodia’s rice sector flourish, feeding the future while protecting the planet.






South America – America

Date of completion
April – December 2021

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