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Hosting three climathons in Bogota, Cali & Barranquilla




13th of November 2020

Colombia, Projects
About This Project

“Time for change, Be the change”

Climathon is an international green ideation program which every year is operated across more than 145 cities worldwide attracting over 6,000 sustainability enthusiasts that want to collaborate on finding solutions for some of the most challenging problems of our times. It is A city based programme that offers a clear pathway to action and interaction – an opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas and solutions to the most evident climate challenges. By 2022, The Climathon programme aims to unite over 100 countries, 1000 cities and 100.000 changemakers to be the change they wish to see in our world.

In 2020 we kickstarted the first climathons in Barranquilla, Bogota and Cali and the winning ideas will proceed in the  ClimateLaunchpad program.