Hass Avocados



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About This Project

There is a growing demand for Hass avocados on the European market, and in Colombia this crop can grow almost year-round because of its different climates. While at national level the avocado is seen as a strategic product for export, the country only has a short history in avocado cultivation. With the high demand of avocados worldwide, and a low supply, the quality of the avocado has become a point of discussion as a result of new and (inexperienced) farmers of the avocado. CBI aims to address and overcome these issues through a Colombian avocado project together with its main project partners ProColombia, ASOHOFRUCOL, ANALDEX. Together they aim to improve the quality and re-establish the image of Hass avocados from Colombia by tackling meso-level bottlenecks in a sustainable manner to assure long-term successes. The expected outcome of this programme is threefold and related to quality, quality standards and the promotion of Colombian avocados in the European market. We support them in developing a cutting edge and meaningful marketing strategy for the EU market.