Kinti Cafe

Kinti Café

By making use of the IMVO voucher we assist Kinti café with their positive impact assessment to develop their CSR strategy and positioning to their NL B2B target group of conscious consumers. Next to that we assist in general business development support and exploring (financial) partnerships to strengthen their capacity and support in sustainable production […]

Truvalu enterprises


As a Business Accelerator Expert we are responsible to source and guide investment deals in post conflict areas in Colombia in SME Agri-businesses to scale their growth and socio-economic impact.

Hass Avocados

Hass Avocados

There is a growing demand for Hass avocados on the European market, and in Colombia this crop can grow almost year-round because of its different climates. While at national level the avocado is seen as a strategic product for export, the country only has a short history in avocado cultivation. We supported them in developing […]