CTG Circular

CTG Circular

Close the Gap Circular is a social enterprise that provides the most sustainable solution for your used ICT hardware and data. CTG Circular upgrades redundant IT assets of larger organisations and giving them a new life to bridge the digital divide in educational, entrepreneurial and innovative ICT driven projects in emerging markets.

Kinti Cafe

Kinti Café

By making use of the IMVO voucher we assist Kinti café with their positive impact assessment to develop their CSR strategy and positioning to their NL B2B target group of conscious consumers. Next to that we assist in general business development support and exploring (financial) partnerships to strengthen their capacity and support in sustainable production […]

Close the Gap

We assist them in defining their future strategy to optimise their experience and tap into new trends and developments in order to make their work and impact “future proof”. Helping Close the Gap with strategic advice, business planning and facilitiation of company sessions.