CTG Circular

About This Project
Close the Gap Circular is a social enterprise that provides the most sustainable solution for your used ICT hardware and data. CTG Circular upgrades redundant IT assets of larger organisations and giving them a new life to bridge the digital divide in educational, entrepreneurial and innovative ICT driven projects in emerging markets.

During a 5-days impact sprint we assisted CTG Circular to develop their new unique strategy and positioning in the IT asset management industry. This resulted in a new designed pitch deck that was validated in the market with some expert test- user interviews with prospective clients. The assignment continued with developing the new overall sustainability strategy for the entire international Close the Gap Group.

Check out this video for our sprint with Close the Gap Circular

CTG Circular

Creating a new future for your ICT assets

Date of completion
November 2020 – present

Co-creating the new strategy and positioning

Benelux – Europe