Naga Foundation / Just Digg It

About This Project

At Behold International, we are dedicated to empowering organizations that strive to make a positive impact on our world. One of our proudest collaborations has been with Just Diggit, an innovative project that aims to combat climate change by regreening degraded landscapes in Africa.

From the inception of Just Diggit, Behold International has been there every step of the way, providing comprehensive support to help them establish a strong presence in the market and drive their mission forward. Here’s a closer look at how we have contributed to their remarkable journey:

Market Entry and Groundwork

When Just Diggit first started, they needed a robust strategy to break into the market and gain a foothold. Our team at Behold International worked closely with them to devise a tailored market entry plan. We provided strategic guidance on positioning, target audience identification, and outreach methods that aligned with their mission and vision. This foundational support was crucial in helping Just Diggit establish a solid presence in their initial stages.

Free PR and Ongoing Support

Public relations play a vital role in raising awareness and garnering support for environmental initiatives. We provided Just Diggit with pro bono PR services, leveraging our network and media connections to secure coverage and visibility for their cause. This exposure was instrumental in building credibility and attracting partners, donors, and supporters. Even today, Just Diggit continues to benefit from our PR work, enabling them to maintain momentum and expand their reach.

Date of completion
2013 – 2014


The Netherlands & East Africa